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Physiotherapist in Corbais, Mont-Saint-Guibert

Arnaud Mevel, PT, MSc

Corbais, Mont-Saint-Guibert

General and specialized physiotherapy for children and adults by appointment.
Orthopaedic, traumatologic, respiratory and paediatric expertise.

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Discover more about my practices and appointments by clicking on the relevant location below. Online appointment is available for on-site consultations (private practice, hospital).

Physiotherapy practice (Corbais)

"All Body Care" center in Corbais Rue de l'Eglise, 3 1435 Mont-Saint-Guibert

Physiotherapy in Corbais

Manual therapy & ortho-traumatology
Sports physiotherapy & reconditioning
Taping & bandages
Pediatric physiotherapy
Respiratory physiotherapy
General physiotherapy

Consultations Monday to Saturday until 8 p.m.:
Online appointment

24/7 on-call paediatric respiratory care

At my practice (Corbais) or at home

On-call respiratory physio

For urgent needs in pediatric respiratory physiotherapy, call me directly on 0471/43.24.09.

In case of absence, please leave me a message and call the Respi-Kids childcare number: 0484/28.52.45. For vital emergencies, call 112.
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Home visits

Walloon Brabant (center area)

Home visits

I currently cover the following localities:
Louvain-la-Neuve – Wavre – Chaumont-Gistoux – Court-Saint-Etienne – Mont-Saint-Guibert – Walhain – Chastre – Gembloux
Appointments for home visits is done via email or phone: ? 0471/43 24 09

Private swimming lessons for kids

"All Body Care" center in Corbais Rue de l'Eglise, 3 1435 Mont-Saint-Guibert

Swimming lessons

I give private swimming lessons in English for children from 3 years old in the premises of the practice in Corbais, which features a beautiful family heated pool (32°).
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GHdC Reine Fabiola

Neuro-Osteo-Locomotor Dept.

GHdC Reine Fabiola

Kinésithérapie du sport et orthopédiatrie Consultations les lundi et jeudi de 17:00 à 20:00 sur rendez-vous :
Online appointment

Partner of the Fallon Stadium

Player at the Fallon Stadium? Come and see me during physiotherapy hours, every Wednesday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on training weeks as well as during certain events.

  • First Aid
  • Manual therapy & recovery treatments (massage, mobilizations, manipulations, stretching, ...)
  • Taping & bandaging
  • Acute injury assessment
  • Screening, consultancy, medical reports
  • Advice, prevention, age-adapted exercise prescription
  • First line triage (referrals to specialists or imaging services)
On-field action

A physio for your event?

You are a club, a school, a company, a federation, a municipality... and you wish to ensure the presence of a physiotherapist for your sporting event?

First Aid

First Aid

After experience as a Red-Cross rescue member, ER physiotherapist intern, and specialized MSK practitioner, I am competent in the management of on-field acute injuries.

Pre & Post-competition care

Soins pré/post-effort

Taping/strapping, thérapie manuelle, massage et mobilisations, ... Je prépare mon matériel selon les besoins de l'événement et me déplace avec ma table de traitement.

Health guidance

Conseils de santé

Exercices, étirements, prévention, nutrition, ... Ce sont souvent les bons conseils qui ont le plus d'impact à long terme. Ils font toujours partie de ma prestation : posez vos questions !

Une expérience au niveau professionnel, amateur et junior élite

Arnaud Mevel physiotherapist sport
Arnaud Mevel Physiotherapist
Arnaud Mevel physiotherapist Tennis ITF Sport
À propos de moi

My skillset

Je pratique la kinésithérapie musculosquelettique, respiratoire et pédiatrique. Cliquez ci-dessous pour en savoir plus.

Trained in differential respiratory physiotherapy and having worked in paediatric and adult intensive care as well as in Covid unit, I take care of any prescription for respiratory physiotherapy: bronchiolitis, asthma, cystic fibrosis, etc.

Techniques that can be used include distal and proximal airway clearance, aerobic exercise, oxygen therapy, inhalation therapies and respiratory education and training on prescribed equipment.

Votre enfant a besoin de kinésithérapie respiratoire et vous désirez en savoir plus sur mes méthodes ? Cliquez ici (article à paraître).

Sports physiotherapy is a set of tools and principles aimed at any active individual, from children to the elderly. It is especially concerned with overload pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, both acute and chronic: "tendonitis", low back pain, sprains, tears, etc. This type of physiotherapy often involves long-term follow-up, for both professionals and amateurs.

Treatment may involve: manual therapy (mobilisations, manipulations, ...), sports-specific exercises, load management, taping, etc.

I am currently developing an expertise in the management and follow-up of paediatric orthopaedic pathologies (scoliosis, complex fractures, hip pathologies, hollow/flat foot, etc.), sports pathologies (sprains, low back pain, Osgood-Schlatter and Sever's diseases, tears, apophyseal tears, etc.) and respiratory pathologies (bronchiolitis, asthma, cystic fibrosis, etc.) through several projects and partnerships. I also deal with certain headaches, hyperlaxity syndromes, psychomotor disorders, and others.

Depending on age and injury, treatment techniques may include: gamified exercises, supervised resistance training, postural and proprioceptive training, orthopaedic manual therapy, stretching, taping, etc. I always make sure that the child understands its pathology and provide him/her with secondary prevention tips when possible.

Une pratique à jour

My continued training

Arnaud Mevel, PT, MSc
Arnaud Mevel
Kinésithérapeute à Mont-Saint-Guibert
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